Moscow. NDS «Nord» & SDS «Nord»

29.01.17. Russia. Moscow. NDS "Nord"

Judge - Ольга Косарева (Olga Kosareva)

Formula Uspeha Fortuna - J.CAC, Best Junior, BOB, 1-Best in Group, 4-Best in Show Junior

Moscow. Special Dachshund Show «Snow Dachshund-2017»

22.01.17. Russia. Moscow. Special Dachshund Show "Snow Dachshund-2017"
Judge - Jan Bušta
Formula Uspeha Top Gear & Formula Uspeha Orlandina - 3-Best Couple

Show of Champions «Gold Collar» & «Gold Collar»

24.12.16. Show of Champions "Gold Collar"

Formula Uspeha Orlandina - 3-Top Dog-2015, Top Dog breed-2016!!!

Formula Uspeha Big Bang - Top Dog - 6th place!

Moscow. NDS «Delta — PAL»

18.12.16 Russia. Moscow. NDS "Delta - PAL"

Judge - Fabrizio la Rocca (breed, BIS Baby), Tamás Jakkel (BIS), Inesse Pablaka (BIG)

Formula Uspeha Orlandina - CAC, CH RKF, BOB, 1-Best in Group, Res.Best in Show!!!

Moscow. Special Dachshund Show & National Dog Show «Kinologia»

11.12.16. Russia. Moscow. Special Dachshund Show.

Judge - Filatova

Formula Uspeha Fortuna - Best Junior, BOB, 1-Best in Show Junior!